Creator: Martí, José, 1853-1895×
  • Cartas de Martí
    Martí, José, 1853-1895
    In this letter, José Martí considers a recent exhibition of watercolors he saw in New York and what it means regarding the state of art in the United States. He begins by recalling how disappointing he found an exhibition of painting he had seen in [...]
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  • Nuestra América
    Martí, José, 1853-1895
    In this essay, José Martí declares the independence and character of a united front of American republics in the face of United States expansionism. He does this by declaring Latin America’s difference from the cultures and intellectual [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 839109

  • Una visita a la exposición de Bellas Artes
    Martí, José, 1853-1895
    In this text, José Martí discusses an exhibition of paintings at the Academia de San Carlos and how this exhibition has brought to light important issues about the most relevant artistic expressions of today. The author begins by warning how the [...]
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