Copyright Credit Line: Reproduced with permission of Juan Carlos Pastrana, La Prensa, Bogotá, Colombia×
  • Días de Heim: [entrevista a Wilson Díaz] / [por s.n.]
    The daily newspaper La Prensa published an interview with Wilson Díaz Polanco entitled “Días de Heim” about his participation in the first Bienal de Venecia de Bogotá (a city neighborhood). The interview focuses on five questions related to [...]
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  • Entrevista con Hugo Zapata
    Gaviria Gutierrez, Jesús, 1949-
    Published in the Visual Arts Section of La Prensa newspaper, this interview with artist Hugo Zapata by poet and art critic Jesús Gaviria focuses on Zapata’s creative process. Gaviria begins by mentioning that Zapata’s sculpture Geografía [ [...]
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  • Van Goghs vs. taburetes
    Zuleta, Rodrigo
    This article written by Rodrigo Zuleta was published in the newspaper La prensa, on January 5, 1989. In it, the writer explains how the life experience of the Colombian artist, María Angélica Medina, has included being a mother, daughter, and [...]
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