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  • Antonio Martorell : crónica y poesía
    Rivera Rosario, Nelson
    In this essay, Puerto Rican artist Nelson Rivera Rosario provides a critical analysis of Antonio Martorell’s graphic work, discussing specifically its image, technique, and historical context. Regarding the political content of Martorell’s work, [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 866494

  • Antonio Navia, un artista puertorriqueño
    Rivera Rosario, Nelson
    In this article, the Puerto Rican critic Nelson Rivera Rosario discusses several of the works on display at Obras 1974–1984 [Works: 1974–1984], the 1985 exhibition that showcased ten years of Antonio Navia’s art. The critic notes that Navia’s [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 866984

  • El retorno de Antonio Navia
    Rivera Rosario, Nelson
    The Puerto Rican professor and critic Nelson Rivera Rosario discusses three works by Antonio Navia: Espacio-tiempo [Space-Time] (an environment installation involving sculpture, painting, and music); Naves [Vessels] (mobile sculptures); and Ajedrez [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 867041

  • Lo dulce y lo amargo en el arte : breve reflexión sobre la pertinencia del performance contemporáneo.
    Rivera Rosario, Nelson
    Puerto Rican professor and critic Nelson Rivera cites examples of performances carried out in different countries starting in 1967 in which violence and bodily mutilation figure prominently. The sixties and eighties witnessed a great many labor [...]
    ICAA Record ID: 1062952

  • Nueva fotografía puertorriqueña : una exposición
    Rivera Rosario, Nelson
    Puerto Rican critic and professor Nelson Rivera Rosario writes of the importance of the exhibition Nueva Fotografía Puertorriqueña [New Puerto Rican Photography] (1985), because this medium had yet to be recognized as an artistic genre in Puerto [...]
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