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  • 1x9
    This article appeared on the Venezuelan magazine Imagen, focusing on the opening of 1x9, a silkscreen exhibition by the modernist abstract artist Mercedes Pardo, held at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Caracas. After a brief introduction with [...]
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  • Color y relaciones armónicas como búsquedas fundamentales en serigrafías de Mercedes Pardo
    This article, published in the Caracas newspaper El Nacional, announces the upcoming opening of the exhibition 1x9, serigrafia del color by the Venezuelan abstract painter Mercedes Pardo, held at the Museo de Bellas Artes in the capital city. The [...]
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  • El arte es revelación, no producción
    Freilich, Miriam, 1954-
    This article by Miriam Freilich was written on the occasion of the retrospective Mercedes Pardo: Moradas del Color, held at GAN (Galeria de Arte Nacional) in Caracas and covering fifty years of her production through 258 artworks. The author [...]
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  • El azul y más allá
    Jaén, Gustavo
    Gustavo Jaén writes this article for the Caracas newspaper El Universal, on the occasion of the exhibition of Mercedes Pardo’s work at the Museo Sacro. By introducing the significance of color in her work—with references to its [...]
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  • El color : búsqueda infinita en la obra de Mercedes Pardo.
    This article appeared in El Nacional the day of the opening of Obra gráfica de Mercedes Pardo at the Galería Los Espacios Cálidos in Caracas. The show was organized in tandem by the Ateneo de Caracas and the GAN (Galería [...]
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  • El color es mi búsqueda infinita
    This article was written for El Globo on the occasion of the exhibition Obra Grafica de Mercedes Pardo, recently opened at the Galería de los Espacios Calidos of the Ateneo de Caracas. The author positions the work of the abstract artist both [...]
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  • El paisaje es como un cuerpo de mujer : conversaciones con Marco Bonta y Mercedes Pardo
    Ratto Ciarlo, José, 1904-1997
    José Ratto Ciarlo publishes in 1943 his conversation in tandem with the Chilean artist Marco Bontà Costa and Mercedes Pardo during the opening of the exhibition of the former’s Venezuelan landscapes at the Museo de Bellas Artes in [...]
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  • El uso y la contemplación
    Ramírez Ribes, María, 1944-2009
    In this 1991 article written for El Universal, María Ramírez Ribes presents the Mercedes Pardo retrospective Moradas del color, on view at the GAN (Galeria de Arte Nacional) in Caracas. The works on show span from 1941 to 1991 and [...]
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  • Espacios vivientes se revelarán en Maracaibo
    The article reports the opening of the Salon Espacios Vivientes in the Sala Principal del Palacio Municipal in Maracaibo, Venezuela. The artists contributed two artworks each, either paintings or sculptures, and they are presented as “not yet [...]
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  • La piel visual
    Balza, José, 1939-
    This article presents the retrospective on Mercedes Pardo’s art production at Museo de Arte Moderno de México (1978) by witnessing her international reach. Jose Balza focuses on the links that Pardo has with both Caracas and its [...]
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  • La pintura es el lenguaje que busca expresar el concepto del mundo
    This article appeared in El Nacional, and refers to the 1960 XXI Salón Oficial de Arte held in the Venezuelan capital city. It focuses on the Premio Puebla de Bolívar awarded to Mercedes Pardo. The abstract modernist artist is [...]
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  • Lo visible de lo invisible
    Salinas, Enrique
    Written by Enrique Salinas, this article was included in the cultural section of the Zacatecas (Mexico) newspaper Imagen, of which he was the editor. It reports the opening of the exhibition Barichara, lo visible de lo invisible at Galeria Arroyo de [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo : abstracción, espacio y tiempo
    Rodríguez, Bélgica, 1941-
    This article was written on the occasion of the exhibition of Venezuelan abstract modernist Mercedes Pardo at Museo de Arte Moderno de México that featured works from the early 1950s to her most recent production: all abstract works, since she [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo : construir el color
    Guevara, Roberto, 1932-1998
    In this article for El Nacional’s Artes Plásticas section, art critic Roberto Guevara analyzes both paintings and screenprints by modernist artist Mercedes Pardo. His view is introduced with a reflection on the ongoing “search for [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo : el encuentro consigo mismo
    Guevara, Roberto, 1932-1998
    Art critic Roberto Guevara states in El Nacional that Venezuelan plastic arts are facing “one of the most difficult periods of their history.” According to him, there is, in spite of their talent, a lack of “creative determination& [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo : es poco cuanto se diga de su obra
    Gamboa, Fernando, 1909-1990
    This 1978 article was published in El Nacional to inform the Venezuelan public about Mercedes Pardo’s exhibition at Museo de Arte Moderno de México (MAM). The subheading introduces the text by the director of the MAM, Fernando Gamboa, [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo : pincel, un violento bisturí
    Gramcko, Ida, 1924-1994
    The prominent literary figure Ida Gramcko writes for El Nacional on the work of the abstract painter Mercedes Pardo. In her text, the role played by art creators is duly taken into consideration: their individualities, and their tendencies in [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo : working with the most beautiful of all illusions
    Pecins, Baiba
    In this article for The Daily Journal, Baiba Pecins writes about Mercedes Pardo on the occasion of the exhibition of her work at the GAN (Galería de Arte Nacional) in Caracas. The article is introduced by observations on luminosity and [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo : yo siempre era la esposa de Alejandro y no una artista
    Pérez, María Josefa
    In this 1979 article in El Nacional, María Josefa Pérez interviews Mercedes Pardo regarding her retrospective exhibition Color: piel, presencia meditada. Mercedes Pardo Exposición antológica at the GAN ( [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo en México
    Acha, Juan, 1916-1995
    Art critic Juan Acha writes about the retrospective of the Venezuelan abstract artist Mercedes Pardo, held at Museo de Arte Moderno de México. He argues that the exhibition of over twenty years of artistic production (1952–78) shows us [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo Pintura y vida (I)
    Palacios, María Fernanda, 1945-
    In 1991, María Fernanda Palacios analyzes the work of Mercedes Pardo. In “Landscapes: Soul and Geography,” the first section, she reflects on the role that they take in Pardo’s œuvre, arguing that her work is “ [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo premio Armando Reverón.
    This article was published in El Universal to report the national success of the Venezuelan pioneer of modernism Mercedes Pardo, awarded with the Premio Armando Reverón. The anonymous author explains that the prize is given by the AVAP ( [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo y su obra
    Pardo de Leygonier, G. F.
    In 1963, Guillermo F. Pardo de Leygonier published this article in El Universal expressing his initial hesitations on writing about the work of his niece, the modernist artist Mercedes Pardo. Indeed, he fears that his critical ideas on art would be [...]
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  • Mercedes Pardo, nueva síntesis del color
    Montero Castro, Roberto
    In this 1977 article, Roberto Montero Castro discusses the work of the Venezuelan abstract painter Mercedes Pardo regarding her exhibition at Galería Adler/Castillo in Caracas. The author introduces her by reflecting on the proneness in [...]
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  • Mis colores son vitales : conversan, se pelean y cantan como las personas
    Comerlati, Mara, 1952-
    Mara Comerlati writes a press article about the modernist painter Mercedes Pardo in El Nacional. The exhibition involves her most recent work (twelve paintings and twenty silkscreens), at the Galería Adler/Castillo in Caracas. The subheading [...]
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  • Obras de Mercedes Pardo en el Museo de Bellas Artes
    Ramos Giugni, Ángel, 1934-1992
    Ángel Ramos Giugni published this article in Imagen concerning 1x9, a silkscreen exhibition by Mercedes Pardo at the Museo de Bellas Artes in Caracas. The modernist abstract artist is praised for maintaining her own “personal rhythm to [...]
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  • Premio Armando Reverón
    Gramcko, Ida, 1924-1994
    As a prominent figure of Venezuelan culture herself, Ida Gramcko reflects on the success of the abstract painter Mercedes Pardo, 1991 winner of the Premio Armando Reverón. Being awarded a prize is not a “guarantee of the quality” [...]
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  • Retrato de Mercedes Pardo. ser de Sansueña
    Pantin, Yolanda, 1954-
    This article was written by Yolanda Pantin for the newspaper El Nacional, on August 14, 2004. This “portrait” of the Venezuelan modernist artist Mercedes Pardo includes her biographical information in the form of a subheading that refers [...]
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  • Signes de Mercedes Pardo en la Sala Mendoza."
    Otero, Alejandro, 1921-1990
    Alejandro Otero writes this article for Revista Cal to reflect on the work of fellow pioneer in abstract art (and his wife) Mercedes Pardo. It focuses on Pardo’s series of Signes, on view at the Sala Mendoza in Caracas. The Venezuelan modernist [...]
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  • Soy pintora existencial y de pocas galerías
    Minaya, Virginia
    Virginia Minaya promotes Mercedes Pardo’s exhibition at the Museo Sacro of Caracas in this newspaper article of September 2, 1996. The show is presented as the optimistic return of Pardo to the art scene with twenty-four recent works that [...]
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  • Temor y temblor en busca de una íntima trascendencia
    This article was published in El Nacional (Caracas, August 11, 1996), on the day of the opening of Mercedes en el Museo Sacro. Obras recientes de Mercedes Pardo in this institution. This anonymous text points to a dual reading of the exhibition&rsquo [...]
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  • Todo el color para Mercedes Pardo
    This article, published in El Nacional in February 1995, was written on the occasion of the closure of Obra Grafica de Mercedes Pardo at the Galería de los Espacios Cálidos del Ateneo de Caracas. The show was co-organized by the GAN ( [...]
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  • Un Album
    Gramcko, Ida, 1924-1994
    This article, published in the Caracas newspaper El Nacional in December 1983, was written by the Venezuelan journalist Ida Gramcko. The occasion was an exhibition of Mercedes Pardo’s postcards at Galeria Sagitario (Caracas) titled Inesauribile [...]
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  • Vivo la pintura siempre, ese es mi modo de ser : Mercedes Pardo muestra sus "travesuras"
    Monsalve, Yasmin
    Yasmin Monsalve writes this article for El Globo, Caracas, for the upcoming opening of an exhibition of Mercedes Pardo in Galeria del Sacro. Fourteen paintings and ten screenprints are shown after her five years of silence. The works are said to be [...]
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