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Copyrights Policy

The following sets forth the policy of the International Center for the Arts of the Americas (“ICAA”), a part of the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston (“MFAH”), on copyrights and related matters relative to the ICAA’s Documents of 20th-century Latin American and Latino Art archive (the “Website” and the “Digital Archive,” interchangeably). The terms of this copyrights policy govern such issues and a link to this policy is included in the footer information published on every page of the ICAA’s website.

Your use of the Website constitutes your agreement to the terms of this copyrights policy.

Please note that the ICAA may revise this copyrights policy at any time and without notice. These changes are effective immediately when they are posted on the Website.

1. The ICAA does not hold the copyright to any documents published in the Digital Archive; therefore, the ICAA cannot provide permission to any third party for the use of these materials in any format. The ICAA has received permissions to reproduce the documents in the Digital Archive, to the extent the documents are not in the public domain, from the holders of the copyrights to these materials. These permissions are limited to the use of the documents as set forth in the ICAA's Terms and Conditions respecting the Digital Archive and may be further conditioned by the terms of the permissions received from the copyright holders. Such conditions may include the format in which the document may be reproduced as well as any specific credit information requested and/or provided by the copyright holder.

2. The ICAA cannot provide high resolution image files for any documents in the Digital Archive as the people and organizations that have provided these documents have done so solely for use by the ICAA, as established in the permissions from the copyright holders to the ICAA. If you wish to print a copy of an image from the Digital Archive, you may do so only under the ICAA's Terms and Conditions of Use.

3. The ICAA will review and may respond to any request to provide information regarding the holder of any copyright on a case by case basis. As a general rule, the ICAA will not provide any information regarding the identity or contact information of any copyright holder for documents in the Digital Archive without the expressed consent of the copyright holder.

4. The ICAA holds the rights to use and republish the cataloguing information and research developed by the ICAA for each document. If you wish to publish this information in a different source (paper or electronic), you should send an email to the with the following information: name of your Institution; contact name; webpage (if available); name of the document for which you are seeking permission: Digital archive number [ICAA Record ID] and link to the document in the ICAA Archive; name of your project and type of source (book, e-book, website).

5. If the ICAA provides its permission to reproduce such proprietary information hereunder, you must provide two copies of the materials as published by you to the ICAA for its archives. For documents reproduced electronically on your website, you must send to the ICAA a link to these materials as they appear on your website.

6. If any portion of the images or contents of the ICAA's Digital Archive is used for academic purposes, you should cite the complete bibliography as well as including a link to our website.