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Critical Documents of 20th-century Latin American and Latino Art

An essential part of the ICAA Documents Project is a thirteen-volume anthology series titled Critical Documents of 20th-century Latin American and Latino Art, which is dedicated to providing access to essential resources related to 20th-century Latin American and Latino art and culture. The published documents have been culled from the ICAA Digital Archive and include manifestoes, essays, lectures, correspondence, manuscripts, interviews, testimonies, and other textual materials written or dictated by authoritative sources—including artists, critics, and, in some recent cases, curators—from Latin America and the United States who have played a fundamental role in the development of modern and contemporary art in their countries or communities. The translation of these resources into English from Spanish, Portuguese, and, in some cases, French will enable U.S. scholars and students to consult materials that are exceedingly difficult to access in archives and repositories in Latin America and the United States. These texts provide the historic, artistic, and intellectual contexts for the recovered sources as well as outline directions for future research.

The series is published by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, and distributed by Yale University Press.

Resisting Categories: Latin American and/or Latino? is the first volume in the series. Edited by Mari Carmen Ramírez, Tomás Ybarra-Frausto, and Héctor Olea, it tracks the centuries-old debate over the inadequacy of terms such as “Latin American” and “Latino” to convey the complexity of these cultural groups.
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The second volume in the series, National Imaginaries/Cosmopolitan Identities, explores the tension between the “national” and the “universal” (or “tradition” and modernity”), engaging a host of artistic manifestations that escape the guidelines of Modernism or the avant-garde. The document selection phase for Volume II has progressed under the leadership of editors Natalia Majluf, Karen Cordero Reiman, and Víctor A. Sorell, and Volume II is currently slated for publication in 2019.

The third volume in the series, New World Geometric and Constructive Utopias, considers the redefinition and expansion of the Constructivist legacy in the hands of the post-World War II abstract and geometric avant-garde movements of Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela, and Uruguay. Work has already begun under the leadership of editors Tahía Rivero Ponte, Beverly Adams, and Ana Maria Belluzzo (publication forthcoming).