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    Abstractionists in congress : art takes a new turn / Myrna Rodríguez
    Sunday San Juan Star Magazine (San Juan, Puerto Rico). -- May 13, 1984.
    p. 7 : ill.
    Newspaper article – Reviews
    Rodriguez, Myrna. “Art takes a new turn.  Abstractionists in Congress.” Sunday San Juan Star Magazine (San Juan, Puerto Rico), May 13, 1984, 7.
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The Puerto Rican historian Myrna Rodríguez reviews the 1984 exhibition presented on the occasion of the Primer Congreso de Artistas Abstractos en Puerto Rico [First Puerto Rican Conference on Abstract Art]. She mentions that most of the works are large, which is something new on the Island, but points out that the exhibition also includes prints, sculpture, and drawings. Rodríguez discusses the work of most of the artists represented, and refers to some of the more relevant pieces. This first event reveals the extent to which the art community has become interested in abstract art. Rodríguez ends her essay on a positive note, speculating on what Puerto Rican abstract artists will next produce.


The Primer Congreso de Artistas Abstractos en Puerto Rico [First Puerto Rican Conference on Abstract Art] was organized in 1984 by a group of artists led by Luis Hernández Cruz. A forum was also organized to discuss: “La situación del arte abstracto en Puerto Rico” [The State of Abstract Art in Puerto Rico]; participants included Luis Hernández Cruz, Myrna Rodríguez, Manuel Pérez Lizano, and Jeanette Miller. The list of artists represented at the exhibition included: Luis Hernández Cruz, Marcos Irizarry, Oscar Mestey, Rolando López Dirube, Tony Bechara, Zylia Sánchez, Noemí Ruiz, and Wilfredo Chiesa.

Luis Hernández Cruz (San Juan, b. 1936) has been a tireless supporter of abstract painting in Puerto Rico. In 1977, he and fellow-artists Lope Max Díaz, Antonio Navia, and Paul Camacho organized a group called Frente [Front] as a means of uniting abstract artists and promoting their work. Hernández Cruz was also a founding member and president of the Congreso de Artistas Abstractos [Abstract Artists Conference], organized in 1984.   


Flavia Marichal Lugo
Museo de Historia, Antropología y Arte, Universidad de Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico