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    Sanabria, Laura
    Anecdotario de arte puertorriqueño / L. S.
    Pigmento (San Juan, Puerto Rico). -- Vol. VII, nos. 6-7 (Mar.-Abr., 1967)
    Journal article – Essays
    Sanabria, Laura. "Anecdotario de arte puertorriqueño." Pigmento (San Juan, Puerto Rico), Vol. VII, no. 6-7 (March.-April, 1967)

This issue of the magazine Pigmento, published by Samuel A. Santiago and Laura Sanabria, is dedicated to the work of Puerto Rican artist Rafael Tufiño. The essay written by Sanabria includes biographical information about the artist’s birth in Brooklyn, his arrival years in Puerto Rico, his early ventures into art, the founding of his studio, his time in the U.S. army, and his art years spent in Mexico. It also discusses his work at the División de Educación de la Comunidad (DIVEDCO) and the ICP Graphics Workshop with fellow eminent printmaker Lorenzo Homar. The essay also mentions the many awards Tufiño has received, including the prestigious Guggenheim Scholarship, and some of the many exhibitions in which he has participated. This issue also includes “Pinceladas Cortas” [Short Brushstrokes] and “Exposiciones del mes” [Exhibitions of the Month,] that contain brief news on art as well as a schedule of exhibitions to be held in March and April of 1967.


The sixth and seventh issues of the magazine Pigmento were edited by Samuel A. Santiago, founder of the store and gallery Pintadera. The business first opened in 1954 as an art supply store on Avenida Ponce de León, Parada 38 in Hato Rey, Puerto Rico. At that time, there were only two venues for art exhibitions in the island: the Ateneo Puertorriqueño and the museum of the Universidad de Puerto Rico (UPR). For this reason, Santiago, a photographer, decided to open a gallery with two locations: the living room of his home and the store facilities. Called Galería Pintadera, it opened on December 2, 1955. Santiago also published the magazine Pigmento, which announced art events in Puerto Rico; each issue contained the biography of an artist. The publication was sent to Puerto Rican artists. Galería Pintadera closed its doors in 1973.

Flavia Marichal Lugo
Museo de Historia, Antropología y Arte, Universidad de Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico