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The editors of La voz del ratón [The Mouse’s Voice], a journal published by the Fundación Galería Latinoamericana, asked nine Puerto Rican artists what each one thought about art criticism on the island. The Puerto Rican artist, Marta Pérez, offered an opinion shared by other artists when she stated that, “la crítica no es para ventilar hostilidad hacia el artista o invalidarlo. Necesitamos guías para la formación de un arte caribeño lleno de cosas buenas y sublimes.” [The purpose of criticism is not to vent hostility about an artist or to undermine him/her. We need guidance on how to develop a Caribbean art filled with good and lofty themes.] The artists interviewed were: José A. Pérez Ruiz, Gustavo Pérez Sancho, Jesús Alemán, Luis Torres Suarez, Roy Kavetsky, Antonio Hernández Gierbolini, Marta Pérez, Bonilla Ryan, and the founding editor of the publication, Domingo García.


The Galería Latinoamericana was founded by Domingo García in 1988 in Old San Juan to provide painters, writers, critics, students, and art lovers a place where they could express themselves. The center was active through 1994. Like Galería Campeche, this gallery revolved around the objectives of cultural nationalism. Many of the artists who worked were members of Grupo X, made up of the artists, Antonio H. Gierbolini, Rafael Tufiño, Magda Santiago, Roy Kavetsky, Eduardo Lalo, Erich French, José Luis Martínez, Luis Torres Suárez, David Calderón, Adams Ortiz, Jesús Alemán, and Carlos Romaguera.

Flavia Marichal Lugo
Museo de Historia, Antropología y Arte, Universidad de Puerto Rico, San Juan, Puerto Rico
Reproduced with permission of Domingo García, Santurce, PR