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    Vistas Latinas : Curators' Statement / Regina Araujo Corritore, Miriam Hernández
    Vistas Latinas : Adiós Columbus. -- Brookville, NY : Hillwood Art Museum, 1992
    Book/pamphlet article – Essays
    Araujo Corritore, Regina and Miriam Hernández. "Vistas Latinas: Curators' Statement." In Vistas Latinas: Adiós Columbus. Exh. cat., Brookville, NY: Hillwood Art Museum, 1992.
    Vistas Latinas (Group of artists)

In this curators’s statement, Regina A. Corritore and Miriam Hernández, the cofounders of the Latina artist collective, Vistas Latinas, explain that their mission is to validate the work of Latina artists and advocate for better representation of Latina art in museums and galleries. To that end, the collective organized an exhibition that was a critical response to the celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Christopher Columbus’s voyage to the Americas. They explain that the exhibition and catalogue, Adiós Columbus, is intended to bring to light that Latina artists, despite being partly of Spanish heritage, have a strong identification with the oppressed native peoples of the Americas as a result of experiencing ethnic, racial, and gender discrimination in the United States. The authors maintain that the artists who belong to the collective, Vistas Latinas, embrace their racial and cultural hybridism, and their work reflects the diversity of Latinas in the United States. The artists included in the event were: Regina Araujo Corritore, Ada Pilar Cruz, Carolina Escobar, Miriam Hernández, Inverna Lockpez, Lillian Mulero, Gloria Claudia Ortiz, and Elain Soto. Poet, Maria Mar—who also belonged to the Vistas Latina collective—wrote a dedication to the exhibition that underscores the embrace of the collective’s identification of themselves as cultural and racial hybrids.


The catalogue and exhibition, Adiós Columbus (1992) was part of a national effort by artists in the United States and Puerto Rico to examine the consequences of the conquest of the Americas on the 500th anniversary of Columbus’s arrival in the Caribbean in 1492.

Yasmin Ramirez
Courtesy of Vistas Latinas Co-Curator: Regina Araujo, Corritore,Albuquerque, NM