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The essay by exhibition curator, Lynette M.F. Bosch, discusses the paintings of Luis Alonso, Mario Bencomo, Demi, and Arturo Rodriguez; the photography of Ramón Guerrero and María Martínez Cañas; and the mixed media work of María Brito. Bosch identifies and discusses some of the unifying factors in the work of these artists, including what she refers to as, “irrational juxtapositions of time, place, events, and circumstances.” Moreover, another unifying element is what the author calls “lo misterioso” [the mysterious]. That is, an aesthetic that “represents a suspension of being, frozen for an analysis that can never be satisfactorily completed, because the story being told is a fractured, metamorphic reality that transforms continuously even as its details are communicated to a receptive audience.”


Lynette M.F. Bosch is an assistant professor of fine arts at Brandeis University. She has written extensively about Cuban-American art. Her text, Cuban-American Art in Miami, published in 2007, is one of the most extensive texts to date on the topic. This essay was part of the exhibition catalog, Islands in the Stream: Seven Cuban American Artists, a show presented from March 27 to April 23, 1993, at the Dowd Fine Arts Gallery of the State University College at Cortland, New York. According to the author, the title of the show was a “metaphoric reference to the artistic and personal lives of these artists, because it refers simultaneously to the island of Cuba and to the artists themselves who exist as separate entities within the ‘mainstream’ of American Post-Modernist art.” Brief entries about each artist are also included in the catalog.

Chicano Studies Research Center, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA
Lynette Bosch Archive of Exhibition Catalogues, Rochester, NY.
Dowd Fine Arts Gallery, State University Of New York College at Cortland