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The writer of this article refers to the exhibition of works by Mariano Rodríguez Orgaz, the Spanish artist living in exile, which was presented at the Palacio de Bellas Artes [Palace of Fine Arts]. The exhibition included the architectural studies produced by the illustrator and painter in Teotihuacán. He used oils, watercolors, and gouache to create extremely faithful renderings of plants, elevations, and a variety of perspectives in his reconstructions. The text describes the conditions of the archaeological monuments at the time.


Mariano Rodríguez Orgaz (1903–1940), the artist from Madrid, who died shortly after going into exile, had been to Mexico before the civil war and, on his return to Madrid, had exhibited a collection of drawings of the pyramid at Xochicalco (Morelos). While living in exile in Mexico, he worked as an archaeologist for the INAH (Instituto Nacional de Antropología e Historia) [National Institute of Anthropology and History]. Not much is known about this artist in spite of his interest in preserving pre-Hispanic monuments.

María Teresa Suárez / Guadalupe Tolosa : CURARE A. C.
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