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The newspaper Excélsior reproduces an open letter to Nabor Carrillo, rector of the Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Mexico, signed by both Diego Rivera and David Alfaro Siqueiros, putting into question UNAM’s choice of Mathías Goeritz as the curator for the entire campus. They both tarnished Goertiz’s reputation in a grave tone, stating that he is a mere poseur who lacks even the slightest talent.


The artist Mathías Goeritz (1915–1990) was born in the port of Danzig (currently Gdansk in Poland). He visited Paris several times as a young man between 1936 and 1939. While in Germany, he maintained contact with the artists Karl Schmdt-Rottluff and Kaethe Kollwitz. He left Nazi Germany and lived in Spain for five years, where he was linked to the Escuela de Altamira. He arrived in Mexico in 1949; nonetheless, his talent for organization took him from Mexico to Santillana del Mar, Spain, where he mounted the Primera Semana de Arte Contemporáneo [First Week of Contemporary Art]. This letter was written in 1954 during a critical moment for the artists of the so-called Escuela Mexicana de Pintura [Mexican School of Painting], given that new paths in the arts were then being blazed by abstract art with the support of Goeritz himself.

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