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In this essay, independent curator Laura Roulet maintains that Puerto Rican artists Rafael Ferrer, Antonio Martorell, Papo Colo, Ernesto Pujol, Pepon Osorio, Dahara Rivera, Charles Juhasz, and Arnaldo Morales have advanced the practice of installation art in Puerto Rico and New York. She observes that this group of artists employ installation art to address social issues, such as colonization, migration, cultural hybridity, transnationalism, discrimination, oppression, and subversion of the status quo in Puerto Rican society. Roulet additionally finds that Puerto Rican installation artists have made use of three interrelated tropes: the guagua aérea or air bus (in reference to migration), the Trojan horse (referring to subversion), and termites (a reference to agents of destruction in the Caribbean).


Laura Roulet is an independent curator and critic specializing in Latin American, specifically Puerto Rican art. During the 1990s, Roulet lived in Puerto Rico for seven years. Out of this experience materialized Contemporary Puerto Rican Installation Art: The Guagua Aérea, the Trojan Horse, and the Termite, the first book published on Puerto Rican installation art and where this introduction was published. For other related essays (see doc. No. 797616; doc. No. 797656; and doc. No. 798149).

Yasmin Ramirez.
Courtesy of University of Puerto Rico Press, San Juan, Puerto Rico