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While he was in Brussels, Fernando Gamboa stayed in close communication with the architect Enrique Yáñez, who informed him of the progress of the artists working on the Centro Médico [Medical Center]. In addition to designing the Centro, Yáñez was in charge of its construction. In a letter sent in May 1958, the architect updated Gamboa on the state of the murals being rendered by José Chávez Morado and Luis Nishizawa. According to this letter, the work commissioned to Leopoldo Méndez for the Emergency Building was behind schedule and the artist was being blamed for the delay. Yáñez also informed Gamboa that the decoration of the hospital de Cancerología [Cancer Hospital] included a project by the British painter, Leonora Carrington, who was living in Mexico at the time. Since Carrington was unable to complete that work, he decided to invite Juan O´Gorman to participate in the project. Owing to a previous commitment at Castillo de Chapultepec [Chapultepec Castle], O´Gorman could not accept the invitation. Finally, Yáñez decided to call upon David Alfaro Siqueiros to paint a mural.


Given the temporary absence of Fernando Gamboa (1908-1990) from the Centro Médico Nacional [National Medical Center], communications with the architect Enrique Yáñez (1908-1990) and his team took place through letters. This was how Yáñez and the team kept Gamboa up-to-date on the hospital’s decorative works. In this letter, the architect Yáñez acknowledges that the works are going well; however, he also lets Gamboa know that his supervision is essential. In fact, Yáñez recommends that Gamboa consider coming back soon; the architect admits that he does not have the time to talk with the artists about their work or discuss the solutions/changes they propose for works in progress.

María Rosa Gudiño
CURARE, Espacio crítico para las artes, Mexico City, Mexico

Promotora Cultural Fernando Gamboa