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This text describes the founding of the Raza Art and Media Collective in 1975 and declares its six main goals, all aimed at cultivating art and education among Spanish-speaking people in Michigan. These included: 1) to provide education and entertainment, 2) to support the production of art and media for Spanish-speakers, 3) to promote a “Raza aesthetic” and counter stereotypes, 4) to document Spanish-speaking culture, 5) to train Spanish-speaking groups to produce art and “media,” and 6) to facilitate exchanges between Spanish-speaking and the “general population.”


Signed by the members of the Raza Art and Media Collective—Anna L. Cardona, Michael J. Garcia, Jesse Gonzales, George Vargas, S. Zaneta, K. Vargas, and Zaragosa Vargas—this text outlines the mission of the collective. It appeared in the first volume of their publication entitled the Raza Art and Media Collective Journal on January 1, 1976, which, as the text notes, was envisioned as a “forum for the exploration of the Raza aesthetic.” It is notable that, rather than grouping people by national origins or ethnicity, the collective chose language as the unifying element of member artists, thereby addressing a new issue of the politics of identity.

Olga Herrera; Harper Montgomery, collaborator
Institute for Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, USA
Courtesy of Raza Art & Media Collective, Inc., Lansing, MI
Courtesy of the Private Archives of Ana Luisa Cardona.