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In this newspaper article, Carlos Mérida, a Guatemalan artist who lived in Mexico, quotes from an essay he had written for the exhibition catalogue, Amero 25 nuevas fotografías [Amero: 25 New Photographs]. He also includes three of Emilio Amero’s unpublished photographs that are essential to an understanding of this photographer’s work which, to date, has not been extensively studied.


Amero’s short films reflect his collaboration with poets such as Gilberto Owen (1904-1952), who was associated with Los Contemporáneos de México, and Federico García Lorca (1898-1936), who was a member of the Spanish avant-garde. It is of interest to note that Carlos Mérida and Emilio Amero were both involved with the first Mexican mural painting movement, the latter as an assistant. They were both members of the Sindicato de Obreros Técnicos, Pintores, Escultores y Grabadores Revolucionarios de México [Mexican Revolutionary Union of Technical Workers, Painters, Sculptors, and Printmakers]. 

Francisco Reyes Palma
CURARE, Espacio crítico para las artes, Mexico City, Mexico
Courtesy of Alma Mérida, Mexico City, México
Instituto de Investigaciones Bibliográficas : Biblioteca Nacional/Hemeroteca Nacional