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The document includes an image that is part of Marcelo Pombo's installation in the collective exhibition La Conquista (Buenos Aires, Centro Cultural Recoleta, March 1992). Organized for the Fifth Centennial of the Discovery of America, it includes a text by the artist in which he explains how this work came about and why; finally, he finds it appropriate for the space in which it is shown.


Marcelo Pombo (1959) is one of the artists who was part of what was later called the "grupo de el Rojas," meaning the ones that the Galería del Centro Cultural Ricardo Rojas a fringe space since inception in the Buenos Aires art scene sponsored between 1989 and the early 1990s.  

Between 1991 and 1992 "el Rojas" acquired an important visibility, while its artists began to be included in the programming of key exhibition spaces, such as the ICI (Instituto de Cooperación Iberoamericana), the Centro Cultural de España, and the Galería Ruth Benzacar.

The reference to poetics of the past, such as Pop art, minimalism, Concrete art (under extremely personal reformulations), besides elements of kitsch, have helped to characterize the resources of expression of such artists. Toward the end of the decade, the artists who made up "el grupo del Rojas" were grouped, in a generic manner, as the representatives of the "1990s Argentinean art."

This document is relevant due to the fact that it shows part of the work presented by Marcelo Pombo in the collective exhibition La Conquista and the reasons that drove him to produce it.In this exhibition, as mentioned in the article published in Página/12 on June 11, 1991, by Laura Batkis, forty artists participated, several of them from "El Rojas," such as Omar Schiliro and Jorge Gumier-Maier, along with others who already had a strong background, such as Alfredo Portillos, Alberto Heredia, Marcia Schvarts, Eduardo Estupia, and Norberto Gómez.

Natalia Pineau.
Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Courtesy of Marcelo Pombo, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina.