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This letter from Mario Pedrosa, the Brazilian critic, stresses the importance of the gesture made by artists who donated their works to the Museo de la Solidaridad in a spirit of soladarity with the people of Chile, who were at that time on the road to socialism. After referring to the different projects, Pedrosa explains that the works are contributing to the creation of the Museo de Arte Moderno y Experimental in Chile, to be named the Museo de la Solidaridad, and acknowledges that donating artists have requested that their work remain accessible to the public. 


 Following the Operación Verdad [Operation Truth] event in Santiago de Chile in March 1971, with José María Moreno Galván of Spain and Carlo Levi of Italy in the room, a motion was made to create an international museum in support of the government led by Salvador Allende.

Moreno Galván, along with Levi and Mario Pedrosa, the Brazilian historian and art critic who at that time was living in Chile, went to see Allende, who asked them to act on the motion. The Instituto de Arte Latinoamericano, which was part of the Art Faculty at the University of Chile, and whose director was Miguel Rojas Mix, was officially in charge of doing all that would be required to create the museum with works of art donated by artists from a number of countries. To that end, the Comité Internacional de Solidaridad Artística con Chile was formed, which included well-known people such as Louis Aragon, Jean Leymarie, Giulio Carlo Argan, E. de Wilde, Doré Ashton, Rafael Alberti, Carlo Levi, José María Moreno Galván, Aldo Pellegrini, Juliusz Starzynski, Mariano Rodríguez, Mario Pedrosa, and Danilo Trelles. The first exhibition was held on June 17, 1972. 

This text, which was included in the catalogue that was produced for the Museo de la Solidaridad, is a reproduction of Mario Pedrosa’s letter to Salvador Allende, dated April 26, 1972, that he sent on behalf of the Comité de Solidaridad Artística con Chile that he headed, confirming the support of contributing artists for the democratization process then under way in Chile.

Cristina Rossi.
Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Archivo Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina.