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Diego Rivera felt it would be an opportune time to publish the program of activities for the Comisión Nacional de Pintura Mural [National Commission for Mural Painting] given the lack of information that many painters had concerning its function. The key objective was to decentralize muralism, and, in order to accomplish this task there was an extensive appeal to all of the Government’s dependencies for them to consider the commissioning of murals for all their buildings. There was likewise an attempt to enlist architects and owners of private properties to designate a suitable space for a mural painting. In the selection of artists and the distribution of murals, the commission would take into account a painter’s previous work. Moreover, any project approved would be reviewed by a committee comprised of all the muralists.


In response to the critiques put forth by Fernando Leal (1896-1964), José Chávez Morado (1909-2002) and other painters concerning the function of the Comisión Nacional de Pintura Mural, Diego Rivera clarified that there had been a call put out to artists in order to discuss the works that would be carried out by means of the Comisión. There was also a meeting convened by the Instituto Nacional de Bellas Artes (INBA) that many painters did not attend, thus their lack of necessary information. In accord with Rivera’s statements, the Comisión was meant to function as an intermediary between painters and government officials. Rivera pointed out that the Comisión was not meant to be a dictatorship, especially given that any project would not be approved by a jury, but rather by means of a collective process. He also stated that young painters would be given an opportunity to participate provided they demonstrated their knowledge of mural technique.

Ana María Torres : CEPE, U.N.A.M. / CURARE A. C.
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Courtesy of María Antonieta Fernández Moreno, Mexico City, México
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