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This document is a bibliographic reference for the poster exhibition presented in Mexico City, which also traveled to other places in the republic. This document also refers to the opening of the exhibition in the city of Puebla in December 1934. In attendance were José Millares Palencia, governor of Puebla and the head of Bellas Artes [Department of Fine Arts], José Muñoz Cota, who delivered the inaugural speech.


This traveling exhibition of posters had the support of the SEP [Ministry of Public Education] through its Department of Fine Arts. The exhibition sought to deliver the message of the Cárdenas regime (1934-1940) to the most conservative states in the country; especially those where the Cristero conflicto [war between church and state] had been especially fierce.

Dafne Cruz Porchini
CURARE, Espacio crítico para las artes, Mexico City, Mexico
Instituto de Investigaciones Bibliográficas : Biblioteca Nacional/Hemeroteca Nacional