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    [La luz encierra el secreto de la belleza visual de la realidad...] / Aldo Pellegrini
    Forum : grupo de fotógrafos contemporáneos. -- Buenos Aires, Argentina : Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sívori, Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 24 de julio al 8 de agosto de 1956.
    Book/pamphlet article – Essays
    Pellegrini, Aldo. "[La luz encierra el secreto de la belleza visual de la realidad...]." In Forum: grupo de fotógrafos contemporáneos. Exh. cat., Buenos Aires: Museo de Artes Plásticas Eduardo Sívori / Municipalidad de la Ciudad de Buenos Aires, 1956.

This introductory text for the exhibition Forum: grupo de fotógrafos contemporáneos [Forum: a contemporary photographers’ group] places emphasis on the artist-photographer who, through the developing process, manipulates lights in its subtle gradations, shades, and intensities. Through this process, the artist achieves compositions with tonal value, harmony, and contrast that transform a simple photograph into a work of creativity.


Aldo Pellegrini (Rosario 1903–Buenos Aires 1973) was a distinguished poet, playwright, essayist, and art critic within Argentinean cultural circles. From the beginning, he was linked to the development of Surrealism, and he also directed various publishing projects. Pelligrini also supported and publicized various aspects of abstract art, promoting some groups such as Artistas Modernos de la Argentina [Modern Artists of Argentina] and Asociación Arte Nuevo [New Art Association]. 

This group exhibition presented works by the following contemporary photographers: Juan Enrique Bechis (1922), Pinélides Aristóbulo Fusco (1913), Max Jacoby (1919), Sameer Makarius (1924), Rodolfo A. Ostermann (1902), as well as photographers such as Horacio Coppola (1906), Grete Stern (1904–1999), and Mauricio Senderowicz (1923). The show was accompanied by a talk given by Víctor Iturralde (1927–2004) on “Modern Experiences in Cinema,” and included showings of Imágenes medievales [Medieval Images], Vezelay, Matisse, and La vida dramática de Utrillo [The Dramatic Life of Utrillo]. 

This prologue was selected because it documents Pellegrini’s critical opinion of this group, especially his sensitivity to its visual resources and his appreciation for artistic photography.

Cristina Rossi
Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Fundación Espigas.