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    [Postcard] 1964 diciembre 10, Taormina, Sicilia [to] León Ferrari / Rafael [Alberti], María Teresa [León]
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    Alberti, Rafael and María Teresa León to León Ferrari, Taormina, Sicilia, December 10, 1964. Personal archive of León Ferrari, Buenos Aires.
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In this text the Spanish poet Rafael Alberti and his wife María Teresa León send greetings to the Argentine artist León Ferrari and his wife Alicia, and also comment on their location—Taormina, Sicily. The message concludes by sending their best wishes for the 1965 New Year that was about to begin.



León Ferrari (1920–2013), the Buenos Aires artist who was also the son of artist and architect Augusto Cesare Ferrari, had a late beginning for his career in the arts. This allowed him to serve as a link between the generation of artists belonging to the end of the 1950s and the young avant-garde artists of the 1960s. His first works were ceramic sculptures; later he would experiment with wire sculpture, visual scribbles, and collage. His work is political, and strongly denounced military dictatorships, American imperialism, and the ideology of the Catholic Church; it is also influenced by formalism, conceptual drawing, and the surrealist tradition. His object/sculpture, Civilización Occidental y Cristiana [Western Christian Civilization] (1965), was censured during its presentation at the Centro de Artes Visuales at the Instituto Torcuato Di Tella. Ferrari participated in the happenings of political conceptualism during the 1960s (in particular the happening, Tucumán Arde, 1968). He was affected by the repression of the Argentine military dictatorship and was exiled to Brazil, where he experimented with formalism and with the reproducibility of artwork, exploring the spatial relation between sculpture and music. In 1984, he again began to exhibit in Buenos Aires, where he ultimately settled.

The Argentine artist León Ferrari corresponded with Rafael Alberti (1902–1999), the Andalusian writer born in Cádiz. Alberti lived a large part of his exile in Buenos Aires but he settled in Rome in 1963.

They jointly published Escrito en el aire: 9 poemas inéditos de Rafael Alberti para 9 dibujos de León Ferrari [Written in the Air: 9 Unknown Poems by Rafael Alberti for 9 Drawings by León Ferrari] (Milan: Pesce de oro, 1964).

The letter is written on a postcard.


Roberto Amigo
Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Archivo personal León Ferrari, Ciudad de Buenos Aires, Argentina.