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This text is a postscript to the article, “El deber de la nueva generación argentina” [The Duty of the New Argentine Generation], published in the La Nación [The Nation] newspaper and written by José Ortega y Gasset. In this article the Spanish philosopher clarifies that the original title for the text was “Para dos revistas argentinas” [For Two Argentine Magazines], and that he did not dare to “definir el deber de la nueva generación argentina” [define the duty of the new Argentine generation] in this article or in any other.


The ideas of José Ortega y Gasset (1883–1955) were widely disseminated throughout Argentina, beginning with the Madrid philosopher’s first visit to the country in 1916. During the 1920s his concept of the “nueva generación” [new generation] acquired great significance given that it was understood that the young writers linked to the aesthetic renewal of those years in this manner. This concept was developed through various texts, such as El tema de nuestro tiempo [The Subject Matter of Our Time], “Generación contra generación” [Generation Against Generation], and “El deber de la nueva generación argentina” [The Duty of the New Argentine Generation]. The first appeared in book form in 1923, but it was previewed by the magazine Nosotros [Us] (Buenos Aires), divided into two consecutive numbers of the magazine (nos. 165 and 166), shortly after its publication in El Sol [The Sun] in Madrid. The two latter texts were published by the La Nación newspaper on July 28 and April 6, 1924, respectively.

The essays mentioned are linked to the survey carried out by the magazine Nosotros (Buenos Aires) entitled “Nuestra encuesta sobre la nueva generación literaria” [Our Survey on the New Literary Generation] that appeared in No. 168 (May 1923). The text entitled “La Etnología y la Historia: el sentido histórico” [Ethnology and History: the historical sense] has not been reproduced, but rather we have reproduced the postscript. This text is relevant because Ortega y Gasset makes a clarification with respect to the article’s title “El deber de la nueva generación argentina.”

Natalia Pineau
Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Biblioteca Nacional, Argentina