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This document is an open letter in which Julio E. Payró declares his difference of opinion with Guillermo de Torre regarding the application of the term “abstract.” This letter responds to the concepts discussed by Torre in the catalog for the Joaquín Torres-García exhibition presented at the Instituto de Arte Moderno, as well as in an article published in the newspaper La Nación [The Nation]. De Torre likewise expounds on his opinion regarding the appropriateness of calling him “un-objective,” as was previously stated when he commented on the exhibition “Arte Abstracto, del arte figurativo al arte abstracto” [Abstract Art: From Figurative Art to Abstract Art], organized by the Belgian critic Léon Degand and presented at the aforementioned Instituto in July 1949.


Sur [South] was one the principal literary magazines of Argentina, founded and financed by Victoria Ocampo in 1931. It was published until 1988, although with fluctuating regularity. The initial group of collaborators included poets and writers such as Norah and Jorge Luis Borges, Guillermo de Torre, Oliverio Girondo, Leopoldo Marechal, Adolfo Bioy Casares, and Silvina Ocampo, among others.

Cristina Rossi.
Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes, Buenos Aires.