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This is a critical essay that discusses Nuevas Realidades. Arte Abstracto, concreto, no figurativo [New Realities. Abstract, Concrete, Non-Figurative Art], the exhibition that was presented at the Galería Van Riel September 12-25, 1948. The exhibition included examples of Concrete art and Madi art, and featured the work of certain independent Abstract artists as well. This is the first instance of a review of Concrete and Abstract art ever published in Ver y estimar [To See and Ponder] magazine. It is interesting to note that, though the work of Rogers, Belgiojoso and Peresutti, the Italian architects, is mentioned in the catalogue, it was not, in fact, on display at the exhibition, as the essay points out.


Ver y estimar magazine was published by Jorge Romero Brest with the help of a group of his students. It appeared thirty-four times between April 1948 and December 1953. Publication was interrupted for a few months, and then ten more issues appeared during its second incarnation, which lasted until October 1955. Damián Carlos Bayón was the head of the editorial department.

Cristina Rossi.
Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Courtesy of Centro Damián Carlos Bayón del Instituto de América de Santa Fé, Granada, España
Fundación Espigas.