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Hugo Parpagnoli ponders both the Fifth Annual Exhibition of New Art at Galería Van Riel and the Informal Art trend show at Museo Sívori; both of which demonstrate how Informal art painting has captivated the new generation. Parpagnoli describes works from these exhibitions, including a series of Kenneth Kemble compositions assembled from discarded trash in an attempt to discover new textures. Parpagnoli also reviews the Informalist trend photographs of Jorge Roiger 


Hugo Parpagnoli, the art critic of the newspaper La Prensa and contributor to the magazine Sur was also the director of the Museo de Arte Moderno in the 1960s, continuing the foundational work started by Rafael Squirru. Among his curatorial practice, the 1964 exhibition of Argentinean art at the Pepsi-Cola Building in New York stands out as a particularly important achievement. This is an important document to stress the spread of the Movimiento informalista in Argentina, which had a powerful impact on the 1950s Argentinean art milieu through the work of Alberto Greco, Enrique Barilari, Kenneth Kemble, and Luis Alberto Wells, among others. 

Roberto Amigo.
Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Archivo Kenneth Kemble, Argentina.