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This article by Atalaya reflects upon a text written by Guillermo de Torre entitled “Madrid, meridiano intelectual de Hispanoamérica” [Madrid: Intellectual Meridian of the Spanish Americas], published in La Gaceta Literaria [Literary Gazette] in Madrid on April 15, 1927.  This text affirms the natural affiliation that the nations of the Americas have with Spain.  Consequently the conclusion that Atalaya reaches is that the Americas should look to this European nation as an intellectual parameter and not at others, such as France or Italy. 


La Campana de Palo [The Wooden Bell] published its first six editions between June and December 1925. Following a time in which the journal was not published, it reappeared in September 1926 with a contiguous enumeration, although using a different format and with the subtitle Periódico Mensual. Bellas Artes y Polémica [Monthly Journal: Fine Arts and Controversy]. In this second phase that lasted until September–October 1927, eleven issues were published. 


La Campana de Palo was one of the main publications for the dissemination of the ideas belonging to the anarchist group led by Alfredo Chiabra-Acosta, also known by the pseudonym Atalaya, or At.

Natalia Pineau
Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Particular: Sr. Albino Fernández