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    La crítica del arte como pretexto literario o el monóculo del Artepurismo de París en México : A propósito del dilema : formalismo o nuevo realismo en el arte de la pintura / por David Alfaro Siqueiros
    México en el Arte (México, D. F., México). -- No. 4 (Oct. 1948)
    Journal article – Essays
    Siqueiros, David Alfaro. "La crítica del arte como pretexto literario o el monóculo del Artepurismo de París en México: A propósito del dilema; formalismo o nuevo realismo en el arte de la pintura." México en el Arte (Mexico City), no.4 (October 1948): n.p.
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David Alfaro Siqueiros describes and simultaneously defines the four positions or trends in the visual arts existing in the world. He wonders if the theoretical proposals coincide with the work of art, and chooses to explain only two: the non-realism of Paris and the new realism in Mexico. Among the first he includes the Guatemalan art critic Luis Cardoza y Aragón (who had already written an article about Siqueiros in the same publication). Cardoza considers that it lacks theory, even though it approaches the work from a new emotional stance, based on taste as well as instinct. In this regard he also critiques Xavier Villaurrutia, who (in another creative field: poetry) also follows blindly the formalism imposed from Paris, and whose corresponding return to abstraction is anachronistic within the Mexican revolutionary context. Siqueiros proposes new forms of expression, such as muralism, which are not based on European models.


This is a quite interesting article. It is the key to understanding the arguments between realists and non-realists, although always stated with a certain irony on the part of the author toward his opponents. David Alfaro Siqueiros (1896-1974) favored the new realism, whereas Luis Cardoza y Aragón (1901-1992) defended a type of emotional art. Note also Cardoza y Aragón’s answer published in the same issue of the magazine. 

Rafael Solana was the coordinator of the periodical México en el arte [Mexico in Art]where this printed “conversation” between Siqueiros and Cardoza y Aragón was published regarding the state of the visual arts in the country.

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