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    Manifiesto muy sentimental / [Esteban Dalid]
    Qué (revista de interrogantes) (Buenos Aires, Argentina) . -- No. 1 (Nov. 1928)
    p. [2] -3
    Journal article – Manifestoes
    Piterbag, Elías [Esteban Dalid]. "Manifiesto muy sentimental." Qué (revista de interrogantes) (Buenos Aires),  no.1 (November 1928): 2–3.

This article by Esteban Dalid (pseudonym of Elías Piterbarg) is mentioned in the text  “Pequeño esfuerzo de justificación colectiva” [Small Effort by Collective Justification] (which is found in the same issue of this journal) as a broadening of the principles put forth there. Thus Piterbarg formulates his vision regarding man’s state in life, in the world; and as a result, expresses what the reader can expect to find in the journal as well as its mission.


Qué (Revista de interrogantes) [What? A magazine of question marks] was the first manifestation of Surrealism in Argentina, as well as in Latin America. Led by Aldo Pellegrini and Elías Piterbarg, it only put out two editions, the first in November 1928 and the second in December 1930. In its day, the publication did not have much importance; it seemed that this was on account of the long period between its only two editions, and because the second one appeared after the 1930 coup d’état that removed President Hipólito Yrigoyen from office. This publication is significant because Surrealism did not have any significant repercussions in Argentina until the end of the twenties and the start of the following decade. In this sense, Qué (Revista de interrogantes) and the work of Antonio Berni are seen as belonging to the Surrealist cycle (presented in Buenos Aires in 1932), constituting two key milestones.

In Qué (Revista de interrogantes), the contributors were Elías Piterbarg (also known as “Esteban Dalid” and “Felipe Debernardi”), Aldo Pellegrini (A. K. A. “Adolfo Este”), and also writing under pseudomyms: Mariano Cassano (“Julio Laureha”), Ismael Piterbarg (“Raúl Pombo”), and David Sussman (“Julio Trizzi”). Furthermore, Pellegrini (1903-1973) later became one of the most important critics of the arts in Argentina. In 1967, he was the organizer of the exhibition Surrealismo en la Argentina

Natalia Pineau
Fundación Espigas, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Particular: Sr. Victor Chab.