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    This is a review of a retrospective exhibition of works by Italian-born artist Danilo Di Prete, featured as part of the VI Bienal de São Paulo, in 1961. The exhibition, mounted at a Sala Especial (a dedicated space within the Bienal’s pavilion building), displayed works that best represented his “neo-impressionist figurativism,” as stated by the critic Jose Geraldo Vieira.


    Danilo di Prete (1911–85) was born in Pisa, Italy. He immigrated to Brazil in 1946, settling in the city of São Paulo. He enjoyed a long career as a painter, illustrator, and graphic designer. Well-known for his use of nylon, glass, and metal, his multimedia approach (which included sometimes abstracted and kinetic works) earned him a number of national awards and recognition for the duration of his career in Brazil. [For more on Di Prete’s life and work, see in the ICAA digital archive: “Danilo Di Prete, genio em constante mutacao,” by Ana Candida Vespucci (doc. no. 1306740); and “Aos 84 anos, morre o pintor Danilo Di Prete,” by R. A. (doc. no. 1307533)].


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