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    In this April 15, 1927 issue of Revista de avance, the “Guidelines” section includes four short articles. The first addresses the criticisms received by the journal regarding what was deemed to be a “silence about immediate political issues.” As the editors clarified, though “this journal plans to be exclusively cultural,” it would not only reflect the political ideas implied in cultural issues, but it would also state the related “ideological concerns.”  


    The next note is an announcement of a group exhibition of new art. It would be the “first of this kind held in Havana;” it would take the name of the journal (1927), and it would bring together artist contributors to the journal. The editors were therefore stating that they were patrons of the exhibition, given the ties that already existed between two of the editors, who were considered “heralds of this new aesthetics,” and the artist participants. (The exhibition had already been planned and presented as the seeds of a new art.)


    Two other short articles appear on this page. One announces and supports the appearance of the journal América Libre, connected to this journal through José Z. Tallet, one of the Revista de avance editors. The last article was written to clarify the process of selecting texts to be published in the journal. It explains that though contributions are welcome, the five editors must agree on their publication. The mere fact that any one of them objects to a text is sufficient reason for “deciding not to include it.”   


    The Revista de avance had a section entitled “Guidelines,” which included short informative articles or comments on matters or events related to the focus of the journal. In this section, the editors informed the reader about changes, clarification, and comments on previous articles or matters of interest, in the form of brief articles. In this issue, the articles of particular importance are the clarification about the journal’s political content and the announcement of the “1927 Exposición de Arte Nuevo. The first made it clear that although it had not been evident in the inaugural text, this would be exclusively a cultural journal, with themes of a cultural nature, but that the articles might reflect the political thinking of its members. The announcement of the exhibition demonstrates the important role of the journal, in the promotion of the show, and also in its conceptualization as a significant event in a milieu that was already considered to be the artistic and intellectual avant-garde. 


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