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The art critic Víctor Guédez discusses the work of the Venezuelan sculptor José Jesús Moros. Guédez suggests classifying this artist’s work according to three criteria; specifically, the constructive, sign-based, and synthetic aspects of his art. In the first of these categories, it appears that the work’s three-dimensional features are achieved by a combination of planes, lines, and meshes rather than the traditional modeling and carving. The second criterion acknowledges the work’s “irrefutable sign-inspired traits” since these signs are what underscore the identity of each of Moros’ sculptures. The third classification identifies connections between a series of (apparently irreconcilable) poles in his sculpture.


In his essay about the work of José Jesús Moros (b. 1950), the teacher and critic Víctor Guédez (b. 1954) takes a highly original approach by classifying the Venezuelan artist’s sculpture according to three criteria that emerge from a study of his work; specifically, the constructive, sign-based, and synthetic aspects of his art. Taken as a whole, these aspects contribute to the “sign-based and synthetic constructivism” that, according to Guédez, is the distinctive trait of Moros’ work. Guédez analyzes these three aspects and describes the different characteristics he sees in them. He also studies the artistic and aesthetic elements involved in each one in great depth, explaining Moros’ reasons for using these particular elements and describing the results he achieves.


This is an essential article about Moros’ conceptually complex work, which the author has analyzed in great detail in order to decipher its semantic meanings. Faithful to his trademark style of writing, Guédez frequently classifies the elements and factors he sees in this artist’s work, and provides a sort of inventory of the artistic attributes and aesthetic properties he finds in his sculptures.

Juan Carlos Azpúrua
Fundación Mercantil, Caracas, Venezuela
Courtesy of Victor Guedéz, Caracas, Venezuela
Biblioteca Museo de Arte Contemporáneo, Caracas