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The journalist Maritza Jiménez interviews the Venezuelan printmaker and illustrator Adrián Pujol on the occasion of the latter’s exhibition at the Sala Ipostel (Caracas, 1981). During the conversation, they discuss Pujol’s conceptual and formal approach to his portrayal of everyday life in Venezuela based on a number of local cultural objects. The artist explains that this technique (especially his use of cartonnage), has helped him to broaden his field of research, though he obviously does not discount the influence of his painting career. In her article, Jiménez mentions biographical details about Pujol that touch on his work as an illustrator.   


The Spanish-born Venezuelan painter, printmaker, and illustrator Adrián Pujol (b. 1948) is well known in the field of contemporary Venezuelan visual art as one of the exponents of what is known as Nuevo Paisaje. He has approached landscape painting from a variety of perspectives, adapting easily to historically relevant media, and acknowledging the power of the image as an agent for expressive communication. The Venezuelan journalist and teacher Maritza Jiménez discusses the artist’s new approach to his surroundings. In his new exploratory mood, Pujol does not limit himself to an innovative approach to the object and his expressive technique; rather, he dares to explore variations on the theme which contribute new ideas to the country’s visual arts and introduce greater levels of complexity to his own work. The interviewer also mentions the artist’s debt to illustration, adding another dimension to the text’s importance.


To read other critical articles about this artist, see by Roberto Guevara “Pujol y lo cotidiano desconocido” [doc. no. 1157449] and “La frontera transparente” [doc. no. 1157078]; and by Axel Stein “Pujol en el paisaje venezolano” [doc. no. 1157062].

Maria Virginia Pineda Aranda
Fundación Mercantil, Caracas, Venezuela
Reproducido con el consentimiento de Maritza Jiménez, Caracas, Venezuela. Autorizada la reproducción exclusivamente para esta publicación digital