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    La pintura en Venezuela : Guevara Moreno y la realidad / por J. R. Guillent Pérez
    La Esfera (Caracas, Venezuela). -- Mar. 10, 1960
    Journal article – Interviews
    Guillent Pérez, J. R. "La pintura en Venezuela: Guevara Moreno y la realidad." La Esfera (Caracas, Venezuela), March 10, 1960.

The writer J. R. Guillent Pérez interviews Luis Guevara Moreno. The conversation reveals, in great detail, why the Venezuelan painter stopped working in an abstract style. Guevara Moreno states that the concerns and “anxieties of people today” were what prompted that radical change, and says that abstract art became a sort of grammatical basis for painting. Guillent Pérez’s questions provide Guevara Moreno with a way to explain realist art that, in his opinion, is “a painter’s personal drama” that overtakes us in certain situations. The writer also asks the artist for his opinion of the Los Disidentes group (Paris 1950, to which they both belonged) and the relationship between art and politics. In addition to the above, Guillent Pérez provides a summary of the main ideas that arose in the interview, and expresses his own liking for Guevara Moreno’s work. 


When the writer J. R. Guillent Pérez interviewed the painter Luis Guevara Moreno (1929?2010), the conversation yielded a clear picture of various facets of Venezuelan art. It also covered the latter’s career, his decision to stop painting in an abstract style and return to figuration, his involvement in the Los Disidentes group (Paris 1950), and his thoughts on realist painting. The interview also shed light on the relationship between the work and the artist; that is, the fusion of experience and context in Guevara Moreno’s art. Guillent Pérez’s questions seemed to encourage Guevara Moreno to be more open in his answers, particularly regarding the specific items discussed in the conversation. The many facts that Guevara Moreno provided will help a great deal in writing a biography as part of an analysis of his work.


For additional information, see the review by journalist Néstor Mora “Los grabados de Guevara Moreno constituyeron la atracción artística de ayer” [doc. no. 1143392], where he provides an overview of the art scene in Caracas and an interview with the painter Guevara Moreno.

Lizette Álvarez Ayesteran
Fundación Mercantil, Caracas, Venezuela
J.R. Guillent Pérez, 1960
Centro de Documentación. Museo de Bellas Artes de Caracas. Plaza de Los Museos, Parque los Caobos, Caracas 1010,   República Bolivariana de Venezuela. Telf:  58-212-5726841 / 5735035 / 5764028