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In this brief review, the critic and gallery owner Carlos Rodríguez Saavedra talks about Mimuy, the installation produced by Mario Acha, Miguel Malatesta, and Efraín Montero. In the author’s opinion, “it is not an exhibition, it is an experience” that will surprise, frighten, or incense viewers. He mentions the uproar this installation created just a few days before the opening of a neighboring exhibition of works by the Bolivian sculptress Marina Núñez del Prado, who “condemned Mimuy on grounds of decency.” The critic congratulates the young artists, describing the incident as “a tribute that so many great works of art have received.” According to Rodríguez, Mimuy is an indefinable work, like “all true installations,” but is recommended “for the worst and most authentic reasons.” 


Mimuy, the first installation ever presented in Peru, opened in the basement of the IAC (Instituto de Arte Contemporáneo) in Lima on November 3, 1965. It was created by three young students at the Universidad Nacional de Ingeniería: Mario Acha (the son of the critic, Juan Acha), Miguel Malatesta, and Efraín Montero. The project consisted of filling one of the most prestigious gallery spaces in the city with art made of recycled objects. The first problem flared up before it even opened, when the Bolivian sculptress Marina Núñez del Prado (whose work was on display in the adjoining room) accused Mimuy of being pornographic. The three young artists had to make some last-minute changes to their installation before it could open to the public. Mimuy was favorably reviewed by some critics, including Juan Acha (1916–95) and Rodríguez Saavedra. The author of this article wrote about art, and also had a galley of his own (1969–72). His opinion was held in the highest esteem in cultural circles in Lima.


[For additional information, see the following articles in the ICAA digital archive: by Carlota Carvallo de Núñez “Notas de arte” (doc. no. 1142429); by Juan Acha “Próximas exposiciones: ‘Ambientaciones’ y Muñecones” (doc. no. 1142445), “La “ambientación’ del I.A.C.” (doc. no. 1142493), and “Exagerado sentido realista: Exposición de Luis Arias Vera” (doc. no. 1142510); and by Luis Antonio Meza “Nuevo ambiente en el I.A.C.” (doc. no. 1142478)].

Daniel Contreras Medina
Museo de Arte de Lima, Lima, Peru