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Aproximación a una historia del videoarte en Colombia is one of the links on the website Historia del Videoarte en Colombia, a research project by video artist and professor Gilles Charalambos Bruyère that provides, free of charge, access to a chronological compilation of artists, events, incidents, names, and reflections pertinent to video art in Colombia from 1976 to 2000. Charalambos Bruyère is one of the most experienced video artists in Colombia. He undertook this research from his position as a video artist, lecturer, and advocate of major events and publications involving video art in the country.


Gilles Charalambos Bruyère (b. 1958), who has a degree in social communication, is a video artist and art professor. His project Historia del videoarte en Colombia, which was awarded a grant from the Colombian Ministerio de Cultura, led to the website, which has been available on the internet since the year 2000. 


The website contains more information on video art produced in Colombia from 1976 to 2000 than any other source. The text is designed to be read on a computer, which means it provides access to contents via links. This format indisputably serves to expand access to information on video art and its milieu. The website contains definitions of concepts, specific information on pertinent events in Colombia and abroad, access to works, information about contexts, timelines, catalogue texts, books, articles in the press, and bibliographies.


The members of the team working on the project were Nasly Boude Figueredo, a cultural manager with a degree in social communication; Andrés Burbano Valdés (b. 1973), a media artist and film and television producer; researcher Carolina Ochoa; and designer and programmer Carlos Gómez Schotborgh. 


A fundamental figure in Colombian video art starting in the mid-seventies, Charalambos Bruyère is not currently engaged in artistic production. Instead, his efforts are geared to discovering and exploring new uses for video and sound. In 1981, Tortas de trigo, the first solo exhibition of his work in video, was held at the Museo de Arte Moderno of Bogotá [see doc. no. 1133964]. The work Personalmente TVideo [] (1985), which was produced for television, is one of the few works of video art to be aired on broadcast television in Colombia. In 2000, a retrospective of Charalambos Bruyère’s work was held during transmediale, an art and digital culture festival in Berlin, Germany. 

Jhon Arias Bonilla
Universidad de los Andes, Bogota, Colombia