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    Huidobro, Vicente, 1893-1948
    Manifiestos : non Serviam
    Obras completas de Vicente Huidobro / Vicente Huidobro --- Santiago de Chile : Editorial Andrés Bello, 1976
    Book/pamphlet article – Manifestoes
    Huidobro, Vicente. "Manifiestos: Non Serviam." In Obras completas de Vicente Huidobro. Santiago de Chile: Editorial Andrés Bello, 1976.

“Non Serviam,” a manifesto written by Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro, records his rejection of naturalism in poetry. He declares that poets should no longer imitate or reproduce nature; instead, they should create distinct new worlds through their poetry. In this manifesto Huidobro tells of a poet who yells to the “old enchantress,” mother nature, “non serviam,” or I will not serve you. This act of rebellion represents the beginning of the poet’s quest to break free of his servitude to nature while remembering the lessons learned from observation. Huidobro describes this change in the relationship between poetry and nature as the beginning of a new era.


Chilean poet Vicente Huidobro (1893–1948) was the self-declared founder of Creacionismo, or the Creationism movement. In his poem “Arte poética,” he wrote that “the poet is a small god.” According to him, the poet had the metaphysical ability to create through poetry, rather than merely describing. Huidobro studied at the University of Chile, and in 1911, he published Ecos del Alma, and became editor of the publication Musa Joven. Huidobro published Canciones en la Noche and La Gruta del Silencio, and produced his manifesto “Non Serviam” in 1913. He became an important member of the literary avant-garde in Chile and Europe, and he moved to Paris in 1916 to collaborate with Guillaume Apollinaire and Pierre Reverdy on the literary review Nord-Sud. In 1918 Huidobro went to Madrid where he cofounded Ultraismo, the Spanish sister-movement to Creacionismo. While in Europe, he began work on Altazor, a long poem in which an anti-poet falls through the sky as the poetic verse degenerates into fragments and sounds: the language of the future. “Non Serviam” is the first articulation of Huidobro’s concept of the poet as creator: an idea he would cultivate throughout his works.

Molly Moog, collaborator
International Center for the Arts of the Americas, MFAH, Houston, USA
Vicente Huidobro, 1914