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This document is a grant proposal made by the Concilio de Arte Popular: State Coalition of La Raza Artists to secure funding for the development of a twelve-member organizing board to make collective decisions regarding various aspects of Chicano/Latino artistic production and issues of artists’ economic, health, cultural, legal, and other needs. The document includes a statement of the Coalition’s proposed method, as well as a budget for the suggested project.


This “Concilio de Arte Popular” document is valuable on multiple levels. Historically, it documents the founding of an important statewide organization in California that sought to unite Chicano/Latino artists and art organizations for artistic support and collaboration and also for political and cultural advocacy. The document also serves to demonstrate the early beginnings of California Chicano artists’ efforts to unite as organizational entities (and not just artists). How to reach mutually beneficial artistic and political goals is underlined. As a grant proposal, it outlines the priorities of the fledging organization, with an emphasis on communication through a quarterly publication and work-related trips.

Chicano Studies Research Center, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA