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In this article, Raquel Tibol reviews the exhibition Artistas Mexico Americanos de San Francisco, California held at Loteria Nacional in Mexico City’s in 1987 and featuring the works of 29 Mexican-American artists, including Ray Patlan, Carmen Lomas Garza, Irene Perez, Rupert Garcia, and Yolanda Lopez, among others. Tibol suggests that the show is particularly timely and that the featured works reflect and respond to major currents in contemporary Chicano art, notably the blending of traditional iconographies with new styles and forms, as well as the rise in women’s participation in the art world. Acknowledging previous shows of Chicano art in Mexico, Tibol emphasizes the special status of the current exhibition as being the first dedicated solely to showcasing the work of San Francisco-based Chicano artists.


Though born in Argentina, art historian and critic Raquel Tibol is one of the most influential writers on Mexican art since the late-1950s. Some decades later, she took an early and strong interest in Chicano art, writing reviews for Proceso and La Jornada as their art critic in Mexico City. This particular review of the exhibition Artistas Mexico Americanos de San Francisco, California was written for Proceso magazine. The show featured 90 artworks by 29 artists and was presented there in 1987, under the auspices of the Loteria Nacional. As acknowledged by Tibol in her review, the exhibition was the first to feature Chicano artists from San Francisco. As such, she was one of the few, sometimes the only, Mexican art historians/critics to write about Chicano art, not only in terms of aesthetics and iconography, but also with reference to its historical ties to the Chicano movement.

Tibol also wrote the introduction for the exhibition catalog, see doc. No. 1127402.

Chicano Studies Research Center, UCLA, Los Angeles, USA