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    Latino art or latinos' art / Jeff Huebner
    New City (Chicago). -- Vol. 4, no. 85 (May 25-Jun. 7, 1989)
    p. 19 - 20 : ill.
    Journal article – Essays
    Huebner, Jeff. "Latino Art or Latinos' Art." New City (Chicago), vol. 4, no. 85 (May-June 1989): 19–20.

In this 1989 article published in the magazine/journal Newcity, art journalist and freelance writer, Jeff Huebner, explores the misconceptions of defining contemporary Latino art within the framework of an American art market. In his interviews of important members of Chicago’s Latin America art world, artist, directors, and curators, Huebner investigates the problematic usage of the term “Latino Art” as it embodies more than the stereotypical “folksy and fantastic” imagery. Latino art is latent with cultural, political, and economic influences of the Chicago art world. “Mainstream” curatorial representations in museum and galleries have skewed how Latino art is perceived by the public. Huebner notes how the impact of corporate backing stereotypes the genre, producing a “filtered, superficial view” often created by non-Latino perspectives. According to Huebner, how artists define themselves and their work is also crucial to defining Latino art; for instance, Cuban artist Paul Sierra never even considered his Latino heritage in the expression of his work until later in his career. As Latin American art gains momentum in the Chicago art scene, Huebner’s article thoroughly situates the community of Latino artists in pursuit of fair representation.


Jeff Huebner is an arts journalist and freelance writer who regularly contributes to the Chicago Reader. His articles have appeared in numerous art related publications including ARTnewsPublic Art Review, and Sculpture. Huebner is especially interested in public art and community-based arts, including contemporary murals a subject on which he has authored three books: Urban Art Chicago: A Guide to Community Murals, Mosaics, and Sculptures, coauthored with Olivia Gude (Ivan R. Dee, 2000); Murals: The Great Walls of Joliet (University of Illinois Press, 2001); and Chicago Parks Rediscovered, with photographs by Frank Dina (Jannes Art Press/Northwestern University Press, 2002).

Founded in 1988, Newcity is an independent weekly newspaper in Chicago distributed at no cost to readers. Newcity specializes in art, music, stage, and film and is notable for launching the careers of numerous cartoonists, writers, and art critics.

Víctor Alejandro Sorell, Gabrielle Toth; Misty Tashina Bradley, collaborator
Institute for Latino Studies, University of Notre Dame, South Bend, USA
Courtesy of New City, Chicago, IL
Courtesy of the private archives of Jeff W. Huebner, Chicago, IL