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ICAA Highlights for June 2018

Jun 19

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During this month, the ICAA celebrates the 95th birthday of Venezuelan artist Jesús Rafael Soto (b. Ciudad Bolívar, June 5, 1923). As a key figure of the Venezuelan Kinetic art movement, Soto sought to achieve pure abstraction by introducing new mechanisms such as optical vibration, dynamics of subject matter, and the physical relationships between the components of his work. He also thought of viewers as an essential element of his work because the connections within the work’s components could only be appreciated if a viewer were present. This is especially true in the case of Soto’s Penetrables series, of which the MFAH boasts Houston Penetrable (2004–2014).

We encourage museum visitors to visit the museum’s Hirsch Library to access a number of rare publications about Soto, including Soto at Signals London: 14th October-24th December 1965; Soto, by Alfredo Boulton (1973); Soto: [Mai/juin 1967 / Galerie Denise René]; among many others. Soto’s works; Sin título (Estructura cinética de elementos geométricos) (1956); and Sin título (1959) are also part of the MFAH Collection. For more information on Jesús Rafael Soto, visit the ICAA digital archive.

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