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ICAA Highlights for November 2017

Nov 8

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This November, the ICAA celebrates the 40th anniversary of the Task Force on Hispanic American Arts, presented in Washington, D.C., on November 12, 1977 [ICAA Record ID 782361]. In this gathering, a Panel on Hispanic-Americans and the Arts went before the National Council in the Arts with recommendations that sought to respond to the question, "What more can the National Endowment for the Arts (NEA) do to assist and strengthen Hispanic Arts in the U.S.?"

Among the recommendations cited by the Panel are the inclusion of Hispanics, their values, and viewpoints at all levels of the NEA, and increased participation in the granting process by improved communication, broad dissemination of information, and preservation of cultural heritage. These recommendations were later adopted as a resolution by the Task Force on Hispanic-American Arts in Los Angeles on March 16, 1978. Members of the Task Force Panel included visual artists active in various Chicano art movement, such as Luís Jiménez (whose works are now part of the MFAH collection), and art historians such as Jacinto Quirarte (who was the chairman of the Panel and the Dean of the College of Fine and Applied Arts, The University of Texas at San Antonio). Find out more about this topic at the ICAA digital archive 

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