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ICAA Highlights for March 2017

Mar 9

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During this month, the ICAA celebrates several anniversaries of important milestones in Latin American art:

100th anniversary of the publication of French periodical Nord-Sud, a literary review launched in Paris on March 15, 1917. Founded by French Pierre Reverdy and Chilean Vincent Huidobro, among others, this avant-garde magazine published works by a number of well-known authors such as Guillaume Apollinaire, Louis Aragon, André Breton, and Tristan Tzara. Nord-Sud was considered the foundation of Creationism (ICAA Record ID 1126176), a literary movement that embraced pure aesthetic removed from narrative. Huidobro was among the greatest exponents of this movement in Chile. For more information, see Huidobro’s interview to the Mexican periodical Revista de revistas: El semanario nacional in December 1919 (ICAA Record ID 737664).

90th anniversary of the publication of Cuban periodical revista de avance. Launched in Havana on March 15, 1927 (ICAA Record ID 1298711, and 1298695), revista de avance was founded by an influential group of Cuban intellectuals including Jorge Mañach, Francisco Ichaso, Juan Marinello, Martí Casanovas and Alejo Carpentier.  The publication promoted a new aesthetic for the arts, publishing articles on vanguard art, experimental poetry, and socialist political ideals. For more information about revista de avance, see “Del malestar en ‘Nuestra América’ al Arte Nuevo: una propuesta cubana de vanguardia en las páginas de revista de avance,” an essay by ICAA Associate Director María C. Gaztambide, Ph. D.,  published in the ICAA Working Papers, no. 2 (May, 2008): 22–29. For access to original images of articles published in revista de avance, please visit our shared collection.

60th anniversary of the historical controversy between Venezuelan abstract and geometric artist Alejandro Otero [Rodríguez] (1921−90) and the editor of the Caracas daily newspaper El Nacional, Miguel Otero Silva (1908–85). The dispute, published in the pages El Nacional and lasting between March 20 and April 25, 1957, was centered on the validity of the abstract art movement when confronted with the nationalistic support of traditional landscape art as well as with social realism. This important discussion is among the most reproduced documents in the field of visual arts in Venezuela that deal with the then prevalent national cultural skepticism regarding the abstract art movement in the country. For more information, please visit our shared collection.

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