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ICAA Highlights for November 2016

Oct 20

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During this month, the ICAA celebrates several anniversaries of important milestones in Latin American art:

50th anniversary of Gertrude Goldschmidt’s (Gego) participation in the Tamarind Institute’s Lithography Workshop from November to December 1966 [ICAA 1160087]. Gego had been appointed an Artist Fellow at Tamarind that year.  During this, her second visit —the first one was in 1963—, she executed a large and important set of lithographs, including two printed with irregular folds and horizontals as if they were books. Read more about Gego and the Tamarind workshop in the ICAA’s shared collections.

94th birthday of Rubem Valentim. See his work at the MFAH Collection online. The Brazilian Constructivist artist would have been 94 years old this month. For more information on his work, visit the ICAA Digital Archive’s shared collection.

70th anniversary of the 3rd exhibition of grupo Madí held at the Bohemian Club, at the Galerías Pacífico in Buenos Aires, from November 2 to 18, 1946 [ICAA 731625]. The exhibition served as a platform for the young group to present a manifesto claiming as their own the invention of the irregular, cut-out frame, painting and sculpture incorporating articulated movement, as well as a mode of artistic expression that was both plural and playful. Read more about grupo Madí in the ICAA’s shared collection.

45th anniversary of Antonio Berni’s exhibition, Animation, Recherche, Confrontation [Animation, Research, [and] Confrontation] at the Musée d’Art Moderne de Paris, presented from November 23, 1971 to January 9, 1972 [ICAA 794379]. The exposition allowed the Argentinean artist to display religious and working-class iconography as part of the transition toward political depictions and representation of daily life, as it occurred in La masacre de los inocentes. For documents related to Antonio Berni, see our shared collection.

10th anniversary of Óscar Muñoz’s participation in the Global Photography Now: Latin America conference held on November 10, 2006 at the Tate Gallery in London. During his intervention [ICAA 868613], Muñoz outlined essential ideas for understanding his work. He underscored the increasing importance of Colombia’s escalating violence and political conflict on his work along with the concepts of loss, instability, and “forgetfulness.” These notions come together in a production presupposing time as the constant transformation of the artistic image itself. Read more about the photography of Óscar Muñoz through our shared collection.

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