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ICAA Highlights for October 2016

Oct 5

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During this month, the ICAA celebrates several birthdays and anniversaries of important milestones in Latin American art:

59th anniversary of the 7 Pintores Abstractos [Seven abstract painters], a landmark exhibition held at Galería Pizarro in Buenos Aires from October 1 to 19, 1957. The group of artists featured in this exhibition were pivotal to the development of abstraction in Argentina and included Osvaldo Borda, Victor Chab, Josefina Miguens, Rómulo Macció, Martha Peluffo, Kazuya Sakai, and Clorindo Testa. See our shared collection for more documents related to these artists.

90th birthday of Venezuelan artist Mateo Manaure, who helped bring abstract art to the fore in 1950s Venezuela. He was also part of the Paris-based group Los Disidentes, co-founder of Galeria Cuatro Muros (Caracas), and co-organizer of the Primera Exposición de Arte Abstracto [First Exhibition of Abstract Art],  also held in Galeria Cuatro Muros in 1952. In addition, he collaborated with architect Carlos Raúl Villanueva on his celebrated project Ciudad Universitaria, in Caracas. See our shared collection for related documents.

This month would have been the 105th birthday of Argentinean artist Raúl Lozza (1911−2008). Active in Buenos Aires during the first half of the twentieth century—an experimental and dynamic period in the arts in Argentina— Lozza was a member of Asociación Arte Concreto-Invención and helped found the Perceptivist group. For documents related to Perceptivism, see our shared collection.

129th anniversary of the birth of the Swiss-French architect Le Corbusier (born Charles-Édouard Jeanneret-Gris, 1887−1965). Considered one of the pioneers of modern architecture, he traveled widely throughout Latin America and his influence can be seen in numerous architectural projects throughout the region. See our shared collection for related documents.

The Argentinean artist and educator Maurício Lasansky would have turned 102 in October. Lasansky, who died in Iowa City, IA in 2012, had a successful artistic career in the United States—where he was known for his numerous innovations to modern printmaking).  He also taught for many years at the University of Iowa, where he established an important print workshop. See our shared collection for related documents.

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