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ICAA Highlights for September 2016

Sep 7

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During this month, the ICAA celebrates several anniversaries of important milestones in Latin American art:

88th birthday of Argentinean and Kinetic artist Julio Le Parc!  For more information on his work, visit the ICAA Digital Archive’s shared collection.

90th anniversary of the reappearance of Campana de Palo [The Wooden Bell], the Buenos Aires avant-garde art journal founded by Alfredo Chiabra-Acosta, also known by the pseudonym Atalaya, or At. [ICAA 738723].  Campana de Palo published its first six editions between June and December 1925 and was then suspended. The magazine reappeared in September 1926, with different formatting and under a new subtitle, Periódico Mensual. Bellas Artes y Polémica [Monthly Newspaper. Fine Arts and Polemics]. For documents related to this Argentinean avant-garde publication, see our shared collection

76th anniversary of Primer Salón Nacional [First National Salon] of Colombian artists held in Bogotá from September to October 1940 [ICAA 1076467]. The Salon became key to the Colombian art scene as it continued to be held annually for the following 50 years.  During its run, the Salón became a launching pad for young Colombian artists as well as provided more established figures with the opportunity to present new works. The inaugural edition was organized by recognized figures such as Alejandro Obregon, Enrique Grau, and Marco Ospina. Read more about the Salón Nacional of Colombia in the ICAA’s shared collection.

41st anniversary of Chicanarte, from September through October 1975 [ICAA 848913]. Held at the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery in Barnsdall Park, Chicanarte is considered the most important exhibition of the early phase of Chicano art. It is also noteworthy for having been curated by committee, a model that is still novel today. The show was sponsored by the University of California, Los Angeles’s Chicano Studies Research Center, the Los Angeles Municipal Arts Department, and Al Frente Communications.

40th anniversary of Por uma arte brasileira, a retrospective of Grupo de Bagé [Bage Group] held in September 1976 at the Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Sul (UFRGS) in Porto Alegre, Brazil [ICAA 1111022]. The exhibition featured works produced by Glauco Rodrigues, Carlos Scliar, Danúbio Gonçalves and Glenio Bianchetti. The group, established in 1940, had a direct impact on the formation of Clube de Gravura de Bagé [Printmaking Club of Bagé] and Clube de Gravura de Porto Alegre [Printmaking Club of Porto Alegre], which reinvigorated the Brazilian graphic art scene during the 1950s.  For additional documents regarding the Grupo Bagé and related printmaking groups in Brazil, view the ICAA’s shared collection.

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