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ICAA Highlights from August

Aug 16

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On the 29th of August, the ICAA celebrates 30th anniversary of the exhibition Manifestación Internacional Sintetista Actualizada at Galería M.S.A. in Puerto Rico in 1986 [ICAA 1061180].  Through this exhibition, the group M.S.A., founded by Teo Freytes and Yrsa Dávila in August 1985, created a dialogue with international artists. Their dissident artistic proposal consisted of fusing art media with elements taken from everyday life. At Galería M.S.A.—the space that Freytes and Dávila created to introduce the work of young and emerging artists of Puerto Rico—no distinction was established with respect to genre or materials since the founders considered everything to be art. Find out more about the M.S.A. group through our shared collection. This month, we also commemorate:

70th anniversary of the 1a. Exposicion MADI at Instituto Francés de Estudios Superiores, Buenos Aires in 1946 [ICAA 751035]. Held from August 3 to 6, 1946, the first official MADI exhibition was an opportunity for the group to introduce their manifesto, as well as to present their aesthetic proposal through diverse media: poetry, music, dance, sculpture and painting. The group, led by Gyula Kosice, Rhod Rothfuss and Carmelo Arden Quin, challenged established concepts of art through a movement based on subversion and free invention. Read more about the MADI group in the ICAA’s shared collection.

60th anniversary of Desenhos Fernando Lemos exhibition held at Museu de Arte Moderna de São Paulo (MAM-SP) in August 1956 [ICAA 1110826]. Born in Portugal in 1926, Lemos relocated to São Paulo in 1953 where he quickly integrated into the city’s cultural scene. By 1955, Lemos was chosen to represent Brazil at that year’s São Paulo Bienal. A year later MAM-SP presented an individual show of the artist’s work, highlighting the relevance of graphic design in his art. Read more about Fernando Lemos in the ICAA’s shared collection.

20th anniversary of 1a Bienal Nacional del Paisaje Tabacalera Nacional, held in Venezuela at Museo de Arte Contemporáneo de Maracay Mario Abreu from August to October, 1996 [ICAA 855314 and 855283]. The Bienal was a nationwide event intended to illustrate the conceptual transformation and multiple technical approaches that landscape painting was undergoing in Venezuela at this time.

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